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More From the Scrap Bag

I met Sherri a few years back at a quilt retreat.  I had followed her blog before that.  This weekend I ran into her again while we were teaching at Quilt St. George.  Shari is talented and kind.  I wish we could have spent more time together.  This year on her blog she is having a Scrap Monday each week.   Of course I want to take part in it with her.  So, my plan is to share what is coming from my scrap bag each week.  Maybe share a little process.  

This week I pulled out strips from my scrap bin.  Sewed them together and cut them into 60* triangles.

 I’m planning on putting them into scrappy spider webs.  I’m hoping to have ten webs done this week.

I’m off to play and hopefully reach my goal.


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