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Motivated & Inspired

I must admit I’ve been on the pity pot a lot this year. My health has not been the best and it has made me tired and grouchy. Which makes every other little problem I face ten times worse it seems and wah, wah, wah! Well, while I was running on the elliptical the other morning listening to a talk by Gaylamarie Rosenberg she said, “It takes more effort to be negative than it does to be positive.” That hit me like a ton of bricks. For someone that has had limited energy why was I spending so much time on the pity pot. I know I feel so much better when I get my focus off me and on to better things. That’s why I joined Tina’s (forgive me but it’s Trisha’s they’re sisters and I got mixed up)charity quilts for my birthday last May. I’ve met my commitment. I probably should have made that number higher. It’s also why I send my orphan blocks to Sylvia so she can make all these beautiful quilts. My orphans find homes and she is able to help more people.But when I read Marilyn’s post on stash manicure I wanted to be more like her. I want to make quilts like this. I think it would be so cool to see the back of my Suburban looking like this. So that they can wrap someone in need with a quilty hug. Like Marilyn did for these orphans in Kazakhstan. So I’m forming my plan. I’ve contacted Ginger, from Happy Chemo, another truly inspiring woman. You should check out her sight and read her amazing story. I met her in the infusion lab and she made my first visit to that dreaded place so much better. So I feel a need to give back to her and her wonderful cause.I’m getting the word out, I know I can’t do all this by myself. I’ve signed up to be over charity quilts in my guild next year. I’m working to get women in my church to help out. I’m putting it here not only to let you know if you want to get involved(quilters are some of the most generous people I know). Ginger told me that Happy Chemo has gotten bigger and she is no longer just in Utah. More importantly so that I’m accountable. I really want to make this happen. I’m excited and feeling better than I have in a long time.


  • Trisha says:

    Sorry you have been feeling down but I am so glad you are now on a mission that is helping you feel better! I love that you played along with me making charity quilts. 🙂

  • Finn says:

    What a wonderful post Em!!! I'm so very sorry that things are(and have been) hard, but what a great emotional recovery you have begun!!
    I'm thrilled(of course) to have your orphans and scraps to work with, and thank you for the plug!
    It's a wonderful thing you are undertaking. I will check out your links and be happy to sign on to help you if you want or need me. It's hard to believe, but we can move mountains by sewing our pieces together. They don't have to be fancy, just made with love, prayer and hope for a better tomorrow. Sending big inspired hugs, Finn xxxxx

  • StitchinByTheLake says:

    Good for you! I heard once that you should "fake it till you make it" and that stuck with me. When someone say's "how are you?" I say "wonderful!" even if I'm not. When I say it often enough I start to believe it and behave it. 🙂 Best wishes with your mission – we do charity quilts in my guild to and it's awesome. blessings, marlene

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