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Moving It Forward

I had a wonderful weekend sewing with friends. In addition to my quilty friends I had a little company on my morning walks. One morning the deer were out in force.  I would say there were about 15-20.  It was awe inspiring. I posted a picture of a few on instagram and facebook you may have seen. The next morning I walked by a tree that was singing. It was full of the cutest little red birds. There were a couple in the road ahead of me but by the time I got my phone ready to take a picture they had flown off. Wish I could have shared that. 

Jeneal’s Twisted Posey from my pattern in Fons and Porter

In addition to the wildlife outside we had a little wildlife inside. My friends are pranksters. If you left the sewing area for too long you may come back to find a stuffed mouse, your chair duct taped to your table or your thread cut up by the spool so just as you got sewing you ran out of thread. 

Despite all these antics I was able to add a few more blocks to my Splendid Sampler blocks,

 and complete my next set of sqs blocks to exchange. Linking these cuties with Beth and Cynthia

I’ll share more of what I did later in the week. 

But for now it’s your turn to share what you moved forward.

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  • audrey says:

    I totally forgot to link up my project to yours today! So sorry. Some day I'll get more organized and quit writing and publishing my posts so quickly.:) Your Splendid Sampler is going to be great!

  • Shasta Matova says:

    Your Splendid Sampler looks great. Glad you were able to get work done at the retreat despite the pranksters.

  • Cathy says:

    Deer have become road hazards here as well as garden destroyers so I don't like to see them anymore especially close to my acreage. My grandkids (all under 11) pull pranks like your friends on me. It's fun. I love the exchange blocks…they look like small Depression blocks.

  • Cynthia Brunz Designs says:

    Your sampler is looking great and those swap blocks are wonderful. Thanks for sharing all this scrappy goodness with Oh Scrap!

  • Stange and ich says:

    what beautiful things you have here.
    The pictures are really beautiful !!!!
    Snowy greetings

  • Alycia~Quiltygirl says:

    Sounds like a fun time… little stinkers! I like the idea of a tree singing to me! Spring is in the air!

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