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Moving It Forward

I’m not able at this time to show you what I’ve moved forward in my sewing this week. I have been sewing up a storm but it will have to wait to be revealed. However this weekend was my daughter’s first high school dance. Pretty exciting stuff. This being my first daughter to go through this rite of passage. Let me tell you it was a whole new ball game vs. when her brothers made this big jump. Dress and shoe shopping. Getting make up and hair done. All very exciting. Exchanging corsage and boutonniere has never happened at our home. A little awkward but fun. 

 The lovely couple ready to head out. Hard to believe my baby is this grown up. So proud of her and how she is moving forward.

Now that I can’t wait to see how you are moving things forward. I look forward to it each week. Everyone’s progress is inspiring.

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