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Moving It Forward

My little pile of blue strips is a little less tidy and slowly I’m making a dent in it.

I’ve been making a bunch of rail fence blocks. I have further plans for them. I just want to get the rail fence blocks all made before I proceed with my plans. I want to be able to spread fabrics out. Right now as I string piece the blocks I’m ending up with a lot of the same fabrics close to each other. I now that will change as I get more blocks. My next strep requires that I have the blocks arranged before I proceed so it will just have to remain a mystery.

 With my strings that are to short for another rail fence block I’m making these mini rail fences. I’m planning on using them for future SQS exchange blocks. Killing two birds with one stone feels so good.

 Now it’s your turn. What were you able to move forward? Looking forward to seeing your progress. Please remember to link back so other can find us and join in the fun.

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