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Moving It Forward

Last week was the Utah Quilt Guild’s Annual Quilt Fest. This means a new project box. Which means a new project of course.

 I was teaching my Winter Trees and wanted some blocks in various stages. I didn’t want to do the same quilt twice so I was wracking my brain to think of a different way to do this quilt. I was running out of time and thought I might have to go with the grays, blacks and creams again. Then suddenly in the wee hours of the morning (does this happen to anyone else?) it came to me. I would do yarn bombed trees. I grabbed my bits bin and started sewing bits together. Then cut them into strips and inserted them for the trunks and branches.

 I loved them! so I knew I’d have to make a whole quilt. Wha la my new project box has a project. The time for my class arrived as did the tornado. With no power I was afraid the class would be canceled. In fact it was. I thought I would have to spend the night on my friends couch in their hotel room. But the storm subsided and I went home dejected. Darn weather! Then at 6:30 the next morning I got a phone call saying the power was on could I teach my class at 8?

 Of course! I loaded up my stuff and I was off.

 The ladies in the class were good sports after a roller coaster ride of off again on again.

 Everyone got busy making some lovely trees.

I’m sharing my progress along with the progress of the ladies in my class. Now I want to see your progress. Link up and share

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