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My Baby’s Growing Up

My baby celebrated her 12th, where did the time go?  We hung our birthday banner made from the boys and girls in my Snips and Snails meets Sugar and Spice pattern.

Her party theme was ‘Wii Rock’ so we made a Wii console and remote for her birthday cake.

They played Wii games, Twister and made up skits using Halloween costumes.

A fun time was had by all.

She later informed me that she was not a child anymore and would not be taking part in the children’s parade.  Oh break my heart, I loved watching her ride by in the parade.  Rather than give up on the parade all together I invited Mary and Rachel to come be in it.  So glad I did.  I got a big kick out of Mary waving to everyone while she rode her trike in the parade.  She really thought she was something, and she is right.

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