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My Baby’s Making Her First Quilt

DD has decided to do her room in her favorite colors, purple and green.  We’ve painted the walls, made curtains and now she needs a new quilt to match.  Since she has made pillow cases, a back pack, and curtains for her playhouse.  I figured she could make a quilt for her bed.  We went through my stash and picked out greens and purples.  I didn’t have a lot of purple so we got to go fabric shopping a pick out a few.  Here are all her pretty fabrics.

 I figured my Charming Quilt pattern was a good beginner quilt.  No bias edges and no seams to match.  We’ve arranged the blocks on the design wall.   

Now she just needs to start sewing.  I’m so excited for her.  Hoping she loves it as much as I do.


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