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My Christmas Cottage Neighborhood

I got a lovely little package in the mail today. My Christmas Cottages arrived. A special thanks to Nanette and Terri for all their hard work. Now I would like to introduce you to my wonderful neighbors. First and for most is Nanette the creator of our little neighborhood. Look Santa has already visited Nanette. It’s because she is so good. Next to Nanette is Terri. I just love the snowmen in the windows and all the holiday greetings on the roof.Then we have Sarah. Look at the reindeer prancing on the roof and don’t you just love the candy cane door.

Next door to Sarah is Eileen. I just love the ric rack in the windows and along the roof line.

Moving down the street we have Karen. She is also on Santa’s good list. He is paying her a visit now.

Karen’s next door neighbor is Stephanie. Doesn’t she have the cutest little curtains. And look in her window and see all the fun she is having.

At the end of the road we have Terri’s dear mom, Cheri. Look how well her home is decked for the holidays.

Across the street form Cheri we have Kathy. Look at the cute little family of snowmen she is entertaining.

Heading back up the street we have Bekka. She is kickin’ up her heels to some Christmas tunes.

Teresa’s sweet little cottage is next. Can’t you just taste those candy canes?

And as we round out our little street we have Annette. Also on Santa’s good list and adding a special sparkle to our street.

Isn’t it the coziest, Christmasy little neighborhood ever? And look at the cute card and charm Terri and Nanette included. They are definitely on the good list.


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