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Honor, Valor, Thanks

My friend, Diane, generously donates her time to quilting many quilts for me for Happy Chemo.  She is also in charge of Quilts of Valor in our area.  So as a thank you for her services I have made this quilt to donate to quilts of Valor.  My grandpa was a vet and served in WW2.  That cute picture with the quilt is of him and my grandma when they were first married.  I am thankful for his service not only to my country but to my family.  He was such a good example to all who knew him.  He passed away almost 12 years ago.  I’m so thankful that my boys got to meet him.

I am also thankful to the men and women today who give of their time and talents to serve their country and protect my freedom.  I hope one of them will enjoy this quilt.  I had fun making it using Valerie’s triangles galore tute.

I spent yesterday quilting it.  Well, all but the borders.  I still need to do them.  Hopefully today that will get check off the list and I will be able to give this to Diane who in turn will find it a home among the many honorable men and women who serve so freely.

I’m also linking up with Sarah, another amazing and generous person,  if you haven’t visited her blog make sure you do.  She makes so many wonderful quilts and gives them so generously to others.  What an inspiration she is.


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