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My Parents Went On A Cruise And I Got…

For Christmas my parents went on a cruise.  They flew to Florida to board their cruise.  Visited several ports.  Went through the Panama Canal.  Hit a few more ports and ended up in Cali.  In there travels they found me this sweet little treasure.  

It is hand stitched and I’m totally in love with it.  

When my dad dropped it off he also brought me more Blue Bird flour sacks.  I really need to come up with an idea of how to use them.  Anyone up for a challenge?  I have more bags than I would need for a king size quilt.  And since I do not have a bed that big I don’t need that many.  Mom will continue to use Blue Bird flour so I see more coming my way.  I’m thinking it might be fun to do a challenge using a Blue Bird flour sack in a quilt.  Anyone up for it?  I’ll supply the sack.  You supply the creativity.  We’ll set a finish date and have a linky party.  If there is enough interest we will proceed.


  • hetty says:

    Love that Mola! I guess your folks visited the San Blas Islands. My Dad went there a long time ago and brought me back a couple of those lovely appliques hand made by the Kuna people of that area. The flour sack is lovely too. I didn't know they still made those cloth bags. I would love to take you up on your challenge, but my creative juices are missing at the moment. I am sure you will come up with something gorgeous!

  • Abby and Stephanie says:

    What sweet parents to find something handmade with love to give to you. I absolutely LOVE the blue bird sacks but fear I don't have time for meeting any deadlines. My cup overfloweth just a wee bit much this month. LOVE your challenge idea. I'll just have to sit back and enjoy the results.

  • Karen - Quilts...etc. says:

    love the mola – what does a blue bird flour sack look like? I haven't a clue – I have not seen a flour sack except in museum's made out of cloth.

  • Frog Quilter says:

    Love the mola and the challenge sounds like a great idea, maybe something scrappy…

  • Nedra says:

    I have several Mola's that I have framed and have hanging in my house. Love them! and what a nice gift from your parents. I've always wanted to go on a Panama Canal cruise.

  • Gina says:

    Great hanging xx

  • Lynn says:

    A flour sack challenge?!! That sounds like a whole bunch of fun! I love the hanging.

  • Rebecca says:

    The first thing I would make with the blue bird bags is a tote bag…
    Come to think of it …that Mola's would make a great classey bag.

  • Razzle Dazzle Quilter says:

    Down here in New Zealand I had no idea what a blue Bird flour sack looks like. So of course I googled it. Too darn cute. If you proceed with a challenge would you consider sending one to me please? Pretty please


  • Hilda says:

    I'd be game for the Bluebird Flour sack challenge. That's really a pretty design!

  • Sewing In CT says:

    I would be game to try a challenge. I love the tote bag idea. you could probably sell them!!!

  • Shar says:

    That sounds like a fun idea! Something I have never done before.

  • Rebecca says:

    The Mola is beautiful. I have 6 Mola placemats that we purchased in Colombia and a pair of shoes purchased in Ecuador. I love all of them!

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