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Neighborhood Quilt Day

By November 17, 2008March 31st, 2020Blog

Saturday was our annual neighborhood quilt day. I thought I had taken pictures of all my neighbors around the six quilt frames we had up. But this morning when I went to put them on the computer all I had were the quilts and a picture of clean up. So sorry. I really wanted to share with you all my wonderful neighbors, chatting and working hard to complete all the quilts we had ready to tie. It really is a wonderful event. One I look forward to each year. Here is a stack of tied quilts ready to be bound. And another with our tally board. When you finish a quilt you get to bang a metal bowl with a spoon and mark it on the board. Everyone cheers. We even have friendly competitions to see who will be the first to finish a quilt. The men and boys join in this fun too. They talk about sports and joke with one another. It is not just a ladies thing. We have a video set up for the small children and a room with toys in it that they can play in with some of the older children to watch. Some of the children lay under the quilts and push up needles for their parents so they can be part of the tying process.

Here we are with the clean up. We did 15 plus quilts. Some got taken home to be tied by families later. Can I just say again what wonderful neighbors I have.

Have a great day and thanks so much for stopping by.


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