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Neighbors and Row Quilts

I live in a great neighborhood, with lots of great neighbors. My great neighborhood inspired this little quilt. You can read about how it came to be here

It Takes a Village

 I also have many great neighbors out in the blogging world. This quilt was an exchanged hosted by Nanette. Many of my blogging neighbors were a part of it.

 A few years back a group of my wonderful neighbors met each month to create make this Christmas row quilt. We hung everyone’s finished quilt at our neighborhood Christmas party that year. It was fun to see them all together.

With so many great neighbors who quilt, I jumped at the chance to join Cheryl’s neighborhood row quilt. Cheryl knows about good neighbors. She used to live in my house before my family bought it. 

Do you want to part of our neighborhood? Join the fun and make your own In My Neighborhood row quilt. Many great designers are taking part to make a row that will be featured each month on Cheryl’s blog, Quilter Chic.

The first row is up and ready for you to begin. Looking forward to making this quilt myself, and to having more quilters be my neighbor.


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