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 I would have had this one done sooner but when I took it to baste with friends I forgot the back.  Just a slight problem when trying to baste a quilt.  Grrr!  A week later I was wiser and made sure I had all the pieces.  That basting session went much more smoothly.

I was going to just do straight line quilting but then saw a quilt that was quilted with wood grain quilting.  I really liked it, so I gave it a go after watching this tutorial.  I enjoyed the process and the effect on my quilt.  I will definitely being doing it again.

I finished the quilting last night and got the binding sewn on one way.  I chose a solid black binding.  I felt it framed things nicely. This morning I got up and finished it up using this method.

Had to hurry.  A storm is coming and I wanted to get pictures before it hit.  I even thought about taking the picture with the binding just glued in place.  But it looked like I had time to sew it down.  I would have been really mad at myself if I was wrong and the storm hit without pictures.  So lucky me the storm held and here is a finished ‘Not Always Black and White.

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