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If you’ve visited Nedra’s blog you have seen these.  I was thrilled when she asked if I would like to design some patterns using Triangles on a Roll.  I had fun going through my strings to make the braids for this one.  It was a challenge to get the binding to line up with the changing of the border, but I’m thrilled with the result.

Delving into my scraps, cause that’s what I do, I made a gaggle of geese, not only in blues, greens, and violets but; in every color of the rainbow.  I used the 2″X 4″ flying geese Triangles on a Roll.  These rolls make both the flying geese and the braids.  I love how my braids stayed straight and my geese have not lost their points.  These rolls are great for precision piecing.

If a gaggle of geese appeals to you both my Geese On The Lake and Gaggle patterns are available here.

I’m linking up with Sarah, after all this is something to Whoop about.


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