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One Down Five To Go

I have always admired the things Beth has created with her loom.  I was thrilled when my hubby took my not so subtle hints and got me one for Christmas.  I was thankful to Beth for walking me through warping my loom.  I had fun weaving my first place mat and just needed to take it off the loom.  Then life got in the way and there it sat on my loom.  Well, Saturday I found some time and took it off.  I so pleased with my first place mat.

 I couldn’t wait to start the next.  I warped the loom again. and have started number 2.  I have a few other things I’m working on but hope to be a bit quicker in getting this one done.

It’s going to be so great when I have enough for my whole family.  Dinner will taste that much better, I’m sure.


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