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Only Half Square and More

 Yesterday was the first Tuesday of November and that means it was a Quilty Hug sew in.  I was joined by many generous ladies and we sewed the morning away.  I had made muffins.  I had planned on only making two batches; banana and blueberry.  But by the time my family had left for the morning I only had one blueberry muffin left so I quickly made a batch of pumpkin applesaucemuffins so I would be sure to have enough.  I’ve included links to the recipes (the blueberry was a mix so no link there)  Also I didn’t have a cup of pumpkin so I added applesauce to make up the difference.  Just in case you look up the recipe and wonder where the applesauce came in. Marilyn sewed up these cute pastel hsts.

Ruth did these and Leslie pressed them all.  Can’t wait to play with them.  There are few blocks that are as fun to play with as hsts.  The possibilities are endless.

 Patsy made a bunch of log cabin blocks.  But she took them with her to finish up so sorry no picture. Shelli added sashing to these orphan red, white and black blocks.  Just need to add the side sashing and we will have a lovely top.

 Sue put together these orphans.  We have two more of the applique ring blocks so either we need to find fabric and make two more blocks to match or have the two extras end up in the orphan bin again.

I got the job of cutting once again but I won’t complain.  It is not so bad when you have good company and a good cause. Save 15% at Keepsake Quilting with the Friends and Family Offer KQ15FF Save 15% at Keepsake NeedleArts with the Friends and Family Offer NA15FF Save up to 50% Off Quilt Kits at Shop Fons & Porter


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