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Panguitch Quilt Walk and Young Living Farms

I spent the weekend in the quaint little town of Panquitch, Utah.  Every year on the second weekend in June they hold the Panquitch Quilt Walk.  They hold classes, have trunk shows, there is a vendors mall, quilt show, dinner theater, breakfast in the park, home and walking tours and lots of other fun activities.  I make new friends each year and it is so nice to reconnect with ones I have made in past years.  

Look at this cool statue they have in the park.

Each block has a different design.

Here are just a few.

You really could make this a family vacation.  Not only are there all the activities I mentioned earlier but Bryce Canyon and Panquitch Lake are near by.  So you could take classes and let your hubby and kids go hike, fish and explore.

On my way home I stopped at Young Living Farms.

I have seen their signs many times as I have traveled to visit my parents.

I had a little extra time and decided to go check them out.

The gardens were lovely.

And I learned about their essential oils.  It smelt heavenly in their gift shop.

If your ever near Mona, Utah I’d recommend you stop by.


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