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Picking Up Crumbs

A little confessional here. While I was going to school my floor did not get mopped. Sad I know. But I left for school when DD left and I got home 15 minutes after J did. And I don’t know how things happen at your house but I find mopping my floor when the kids are around is futile. Before it is even completely mopped someone is walking across it. ERRRR. It did get swept and swiftered (I love that little gadget). But a good mopping waited until yesterday. Then while the kids were away the floor got a good scrubbing. After that I figured I had earned a reward so I headed for my sewing room. Gathered an ice cream bucket of crumbs (Isn’t that a fun way to store scraps? Heaven knows I have enough of them.) and pieced a back for my crumb cake quilt. Hopefully today I will get it quilted. Then when I’ve finish my Amy Butler Love quilt for Amy’s sew and tell, I just have one more side to bind. Yippee! I will get this one bond. I’m thinking of a scrappy binding. What do you think?


  • Sarah Craig says:

    I always love a scrappy binding! And your back is perfect. By the way, the scrap bag arrived yesterday; my granddaughter immediately took over the bag itself (it became a hat that she could play peep-eye with) and I found some lovely pieces inside to fussy-cut for a house block backing I'm working on! Thanks so much!!

  • hetty says:

    I love the back! And I think a scrappy binding would look great!

  • scraphappy says:

    The back is perfect. Crumb quilts just scream for scrappy bindings. I save a drawer full of all the extras for just such emergencies.

  • Tina says:

    Love scrappy bindings!

  • Unknown says:

    Great Job on the back…Scrappy is Good…KWYM about the Floors!

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