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Play becomes a Quilt

Well the deadline for Victoria’s 15 Minute Play BOM has come.  I’ve been busily making blocks for my quilt for the last week or so.  Hoping to have at least a top done.    I thought about making enough blocks for a twin size but opted for a throw when DD didn’t seem thrilled with it.  It’s not in her colors.  My sweet girl likes things matchy matchy very unlike her mom who says, ‘Color doesn’t matter.  Throw them all in.  Everything looks good in a scrap quilt.’  I still had to add a few more blocks to get it to a nice throw size.  So I played with 1/2 square triangles on this one    

And this one.

Did a monkey’s wrench

 And a basket

Copied a block I copied from Terry.

Made another flower.  The first I had done with a different background.

And a Dutchmen’s Puzzle because I can’t do a sampler quilt without one.  It’s one of my all time favorite blocks.

Put them all together with Kona’s candy blue for sashing and scrappy corner posts.  And wha-la my 15 minutes of play has become a quilt top. 

Make sure you head over to 15 minutes play and see everyone else’s quilts.


  • Abby and Stephanie says:

    Oh happy day! It's so fun and pretty.

  • pcflamingo says:

    What a wild and wonderful quilt! I love it!

  • krisgray says:

    Pretty – love that Kona sashing! LOL at you and your daughter – just like me and my mom all my life! Recently my mom asked me why I had to go buy fabric to cover DH's beer boxes into storage boxes for my sewing space when I have so much that she just got me at an estate sale. My reply was, "b/c then they wouldn't all match."

    That said, I am swinging back to the scrappy look in quilts that my grandma always did. I think mostly b/c I have accumulated so many scraps myself and, like my mom, I can't throw them up – they must be used.

  • Mrs.Pickles says:

    beautiful blocks and quilt!

  • Victoria Findlay Wolfe says:

    looks so nice!! I love that buttery yellow, it set s the blocks so nice!

  • Sew Create It - Jane says:

    Great looking blocks just proving that no piece is too small!

  • Shari says:

    This looks great! Perfect sashing colour with those lovely fabrics. I'll bet your daughter will reach for this quilt when she's watching tv on a winter's night!

  • Needled Mom says:

    How did you get a daughter like that????? LOL

    I think the 15 minutes of play looks fabulous!

  • hetty says:

    Love your quilt! After seeing your beautiful blocks and quilt, it is even more difficult for me to throw out even a tiny scrap.

  • Myra says:

    That is and awesome sampler Em!! Love it! 😉

  • Purple Pam says:

    I love the scrappy blocks. What a fun quilt. Best part is that it is done, and you met your commitment.

  • Nanette Merrill says:

    Of course it is fabulous. The sashing makes it even bettter.

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