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Playing with Scraps from my Scrap Project

 You may recall that while making these blue rail fence blocks I was making mini 2 1/2″ scrappy rail fence blocks from the scraps. Is that make me crazy like a fox or mad as a March hare to be playing with such little pieces? I don’t know but I am having fun. I was making these blocks to use for my SQS exchange blocks. Well I’m ending up with more than I need. Rather than stop I’m continuing with the insanity. Who knows what will become of this little cuties. But one found it’s way into this bitty star pincushion.

Maybe I’ll make a few more. After all it’s I already have the centers made. Linking up with Sarah, Cynthia, Myra and Amanda Jean to celebrate this made from scraps from my newest scrap project pincushion.


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