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Pleasing Parcel

I came home after walking DD to her friends so they could go to school together. She was in a cheery mood this morning and we had fun making silly rhymes on the way. “Run in the sun with your hon and son. While you eat a bun. It is fun. Now my story is all done.” You get the idea. I then went to visit a friend. And when I came home there was a parcel in my mailbox. Oh yippee! Fun mail! I ripped it open because that’s what you do with fun mail. You have to get to the fun part. You know like eating the center of an Oreo first. Sneaking dessert before dinner. Or sewing when the house is messy. Those simple pleasures that should not be missed.

Look what I found. giggle giggle. Supplies for that sewing in my not so clean house. It’s Monday, does anyone else’s house look like a whirl wind went through? Belinda from Brown Dirt Cottage sent me these wonderful goodies. Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you! And this cute dish towel that goes perfect in my kitchen.

The colors are exact.

Thank You! I love it!

And last but not least this great Christmas quilting book. If I get started now I just might have a few thing made from it for Christmas. I have a feeling this is going to be a terrific day!

Thanks Belinda for your generosity.


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