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Plink Plink Plink

Isn’t it such a blessing that we are all different. That where we are weak others are strong and vise a versa. And because of this we need each other. We are better when we are together. That united we stand. What comfort there is to be drawn from the fact that if I can’t do something there is sure to be someone that can. And more often than not they are more than willing to share their gifts and talents with me. I am thankful for my children’s piano teacher for this reason. Becauase when I play the piano it is more plinking than playing. I could never teach my children to play the piano but she can. And I must say she is doing a beautiful job. If they would practice more it would be even better. She on the other hand doesn’t quilt. But I’ve been able to make this for her. You can read about our little trade here. I thought a piano key border was fitting for the piano teacher. Just need to finish sewing the keys together and then it will be ready for quilting and binding. I hope she will like it.


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