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Prolific Quilter

By November 21, 2008March 31st, 2020Blog

Last month at quilt guild Denise got the Ott Light. Meaning she out to finish something durring the month. Now every month when Denise comes she always has plenty of show and tell. If you remember she is the one that sews like she is the mean lady in the Wizard of Oz where she is riding her bike and the music is going da da dant da da, dant a dant a dant. Well with the Ott Light she really goes to town. She made three of these. One Two

Three This fun Americana Quilt This bright quilt set off with black. Like the one Karen did, that I showed a few weeks back. Sorry the pic is blurry.

And this lovely quilt

This stunning Red, White and Black quilt.

Harvest Sky that she tested for me. All done in lovely batiks.

This cute table topper.

And this fun little runner.

Whew! Where does she find the time. I wonder if she ever sleeps?


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