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Quilt camp kicked off Tuesday night complete with camp songs and smores. They also presented the youth quilts along with the awards.  This whimsical beauty, Magical Maui’s Gum Gum Tree, won the youth division.

The creative genius behind this quilt  won a sewing machine.  I’m she will put it to good use.  Yeah! for up and coming quilters. 

I enjoyed my Featherweight class and my machine is singing happy for the tender loving care she received. We had a lot of fun in my Dresden class.  Sue’s 30’s are cheery.

Belinda’s  juvenile prints playful. She was fussy cutting animals from a print to go in the center.

Last night I had a lovely group of ladies having some scrappy fun making Twisted Posies.

 And look who I ran into, Annie Smith of Quilt Stash.  I haven’t seen Annie in years.  It was so fun to catch up.  What a talented fun lady.


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