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After I got home from the quilt shop my friend, Marilyn, called asking if I wanted to go to a quilt show she had heard about. Well of course I wanted to go to a quilt show. What a silly question. She gave me a half hour to finish putting a few more things in my pot of salsa I had going on the stove. I’m hoping this is the last weekend I will be making salsa. I’ve made it the last three weekends. It had better last! The quilt show was fabulous. It was put on by Vineyard Quilters. These ladies do beautiful things.

Lovely Fans

Sweet Flowers Nanette are these your dresses? I love these scrappy quilts!

Love how this is displayed

Fun house quilt

Great quilts everywhere

Look how perfect these points are

This one is hand quilted.

This was their raffle quilt

I would really like to make one of these circle quilts some day.

Fun fall quilts

Any quilt with Mary Engelbreit is just adorable.

I’ll show more latter. There were just so many beautiful quiltsPosted by Picasa


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