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A Quilt With a Story

Earlier in the week I received this quilt for Happy Chemo.  Let me share it’s story.

It’s life began with a young quilter who before she could finish it died of cancer.  Her mother, not being a quilter gave the quilt top to Virginia ‘Rusty’ Hendrick, an award winning hand quilter, past secretary of the NQA, and purveyor of a portable plastic quilt rack, in hopes that her daughter’s quilt would be finished.  While visiting with Rusty, Carol H, now a member of the Utah Quilt Guild, saw the quilt and admired it.  So Rusty gave it to her.  She said the ladies faces and Kimonos where askew so she took them apart and redid them. 

She backed it, hand quilted it, and bound it. .

 Recently she moved from California to Utah and heard about my quilts for Happy Chemo through the Utah Quilt Guild. She felt that this was where this quilt belonged.  So she gave it to her area rep, Barbara Murdock who in turn gave it to me.  I will give it to my dear friend Ginger.  Who will make sure someone struggling with cancer receives this beautiful quilt with a story.


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