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Race Car Finish

My hubby’s sports car is gone with him at work so I’ll have to settle for my oldest’s motorcycle as the backdrop for the Mitsubishi Quilt finish.  I’m also noticing that I should have draped the quilt the other way so the Mitsubishi symbol was correct.  Turn your head upside down if you want to get the true affect.   

 I’m taking Lara’s advice on how to decide which of my boys gets the quilt.  She suggested a job lotto.  I’ve been wanting to tile the back splash in kitchen.  My boys are very good handymen. My sister uses them regularly. I know I’m very lucky.  So the young man to complete this task gets the quilt.

Thank you Lara for the brilliant solution to my dilemma.  I’m killing two birds with one stone.  YEAH!!!


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