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Recipe For A Quilty Hug


1 bin scrappy fabric

1 cozy gathering place

Scrap lovin’ friends as desired

The first Tuesday of every month my friends know they are welcome in my home to come sew.  I provide fabric.  They are welcome to bring their sewing machines or just come help press and cut.  I have found my friends like a little direction.  So I have strips or squares cut from previous sew ins ready along with general directions.  Nothing set in stone.  No quilt police allowed.  This is meant to be relaxing and fun.  We do blocks that if not everyone sew the same 1/4″ seam everything still works out.  We laugh and chat and just enjoy each other.  It really is a fun time.

As tops get done I put them with batting and backs and take them to my quilt guild.  Several of the ladies there are willing to quilt them for me.  Some of them even bind them. I gather the ones from the previous month. Bind any that need binding.  I have a few neighbors that will help with this if I get overwhelmed.  And that is how you make a quilty hug.   Ready to be boxed up with samples and resource info for a cancer patient in a ‘Box ‘o Love


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