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Road trips are lots of fun.  Especially when you get off the beaten path.  Anna and I headed down to St. George, Utah with my sister, Becky and her brood.  We spent a few days with Grandma and Grandpa breaking in their new pool.  Sorry now pictures there.  It was not safe. Grandpa and Mary were busy squirting me. 

Becky’s hubby headed a few days later to pick her and the kiddos up to go on down to Lake Mead. While Anna and I took the scenic tour of Central Utah.  We hit Cove Fort always a favorite. Love the history there, especially the old quilts.

From there we headed east.  We were on a dragon hunt.  We got hungry part way and stopped at Lotsa Motsa Pizza. Yummy, Yummy pizza and great service!!! We had the pizza and salad bar buffet. We got there kind of late and as we were leaving the manager asked if we wanted to take the rest of the pizza.  YES!!! It would save me having to fix dinner for the boys when we got home. So she boxed it up for us.  How nice is that?

From there we continued our dragon hunt and…. we found him.  Isn’t he scary? And you should hear him roar. 

The Sanpitch Dragon lives under the highway 89 in Gunnison UT.  Every time a vehicle passes he lets out a magnificent roar. His mosaic body is pretty impressive too.

All in all it was a great road trip. Where and what are some of your favorite road trips?


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