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Scarp Happy Summer Parade

Well here we are at the end of summer, time to show what you were able to do with all your beautiful scraps. And since summer is the perfect time for a parade and there are so many wonderful projects that have been completed I thought it only fitting that we have a parade of all our scrappy projects. I’ll start. First I was able to complete 7 of these. Four for exchanges and three for me. I’ll be making more while my hubby is in surgery tomorrow. I’m hoping it will help the time pass quickly. I made and put together all of these crumb blocks. It is still waiting to be quilted. But winter is a good time for that and we are heading that way, at least in the northern hemisphere.

I made and put together these blocks. I want to make one more row. It needs to be a little bigger.

This little wall hanging now graces the wall at the top of my stairs. A gentle reminder to my kids.

I made eight of these blocks and have centers made for 12 more. Someday they will make a big cozy quilt.

This little experiment put a small dent in my 2″ strip pile and I hope it is making someone very happy.

Well that’s it for my Scrap Happy Summer progress. Won’t you join in the parade and share what you were able to make. Link up so others don’t miss out on your special segment of the parade. And next week at the end of our parade there will be prizes for those that choose to participate in the parade. I have scrap friendly patterns, cute little bags filled with happy scraps, and possible a surprise or two. Remember to link back here so that people that come to your site can find the rest of the parade. We don’t want the parade to pass them by.


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