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Scrap Happy Summer~ Keep the Kids Busy

The lazy days of summer have hit and I’m a little late with this post.  With summer being here, and the kids out of school, every good mother knows it’s essential to have activities to keep everyone active and happy.  Here are a couple of ideas that involve the scrap bin.  If your lucky while the kids sew so can you.  

First up is this cute little Flower Frill.  DD likes making these to put on clips, headbands and well just about anything.

I got my template at the vendors mall at the Quilt Walk but they are available at craft and quilt shops.  Just look for Clover’s Flower Frill Template.  I used the medium template.  It only requires a 4″ scrap.

Fold template with fabric according to directions.  They are very easy.

Take a threaded needle and run it through the folds as directed.

Repeat the process until you have about 15-20 strung on.

Pull the two ends of the thread together, arrange your petals, and tie the ends.  Now your ready to attach it.  The possibilities are endless

For the boys how about a hacky sack.

From a cereal box draw a equilateral triangle, I made my triangle with 3″ sides.  Then round the edges as shown.

Trace this onto 4 craps of fabric

and cut out.

Sew two sides together.

Add a third piece and sew down one side of one of the two you just sewed.  Cut thread leaving a tail.  Beginning where the three triangles come together stitch down the side.  

 Then add the remaining triangle and sew it onto one of the sides.   Cut thread leaving a tail.

Begin where three of the triangles come together and stitch down side.  Continue stitching about halfway through remaining side.  Gather the seams you have already made and tie off strings.  Turn right side out and fill with sand.

Stitch up hole.  Pull remaining side tight to create gather and tie off string.

Go outside and enjoy your new toy.

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  • StitchinByTheLake says:

    My grandson would love that hacky sack – since they're all coming over for the fourth celebration I need to make several! blessings, marlene

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