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Scrap Happy Summer Prizes

Sorry this post is so late, actually I’m feeling good that I made it today. What with hubby’s surgery (He is doing well), school, and just plain life I’m amazed I’ve got any sewing in. A big thank you to everyone that participated, put the button on their blog, or just stopped by to see what became of every one’s scraps. I hope everyone had fun. I’ve created a few prizes for those that took part in the parade.

First a scrap bag filled with happy bright scraps.

Another scrap bag with cozy country colors.And finally three scrap happy patterns: Pioneer Dance, Scrap Basket Retreat, and Harvest Sky. You can check them out on my website, if you want a better picture. And our winners are…..


You get first pick so email me your choice and your snail mail and I’ll get it off to you.


Let me know your first and second choices and your snail mail and I’ll get one off to you also.

And last but definitely not least


Let me know your snail mail and I’ll get your prize off to you.

Thanks again!


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