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Scrappy Bear Paw~ Borders

 My DD started school today. At the last minute we decided to have one last hoo ha before she headed back. So we headed down south to my parents for some swimming, shopping and Anna went riding in the RZR with Grandpa. We had a ton of fun which meant the borders on the Scrappy Bear Paw didn’t get done. We remedied that today. And here it is.

In my original quilt the reason for the scrappy border was that I still had scraps in my bin. The purpose of that quilt was to use up all my darker scraps that don’t play as well with my bright happy ones which make up the majority of my bin. In the classes I have taught many didn’t make the scrappy border but chose to do a print or no border at all. The choice is yours. It is your quilt after all. Next week we will have a linky party to share. Even if your quilt is not complete, I know there are a few of those, I would like to see what you did. So wherever you are in the process please link up.


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