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Scrappy Bear Paw Sew Along

Welcome to this weeks step in the Scrappy Bear Paw Sew Along. If your new you can find the schedule and pattern here. This week we are cutting our 2 1/2″ squares for our mamma bear paws. We may be doing this a little backwards as we did the baby bear paws last week. 

 I may have cheated on this step a little. I’d like to think of it more like being smart. I have a bin I keep 2 1/2″ squares in and I just raided it. That sure made things quick and easy. Here are my little babies waiting for their mamas.

How is everyone coming along? I know last weeks step was a lot. In fact, it is the biggest step in the process but babies do take up a lot of time. The mamas and papas practically take care of themselves. If your a little behind that’s okay many of the next steps should allow you a little make up time. Let me know how things are coming and if you have any questions.


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