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Scrappy Binding

Do you love a scrappy binding. I do for lots of reasons. I like that while I’m sewing it on it changes color. For some reason that makes binding the quilt go faster for me. And I love how it looks. It just add so much to a quilt. Now I know that a scrappy binding does not work for every quilt, but for those times that is does, this is how I do it.

First I cut strips. I like to vary my strips. These strips vary in width from 4 1/2″ to 6 1/2″. They are about 22″ long. This will give you enough binding for a twin size quilt. Then I arrange them in a pleasing manner and sew them together.

Then I use my ruler to cut my strips at a 45 degree angle. Then I take the bottom piece of my 45^ cut bring it over the top of my top piece until the two long edges line up and make a continuation of my strips of fabric. Sew these together. It will form a trapezoid. Is that clear as mud? Then I line up the bias side on my mat along one of the inch lines, this makes sure I keep things straight. Then I start cutting my strips. I like to make mine 2 1/4″ Continue cutting your strips across your trapezoid. Moving the fabric as needed making sure you keep it straight. I just stack my strips on top of each other so I can sew them back together in the same order I cut them. Take these strips to your sewing machine.

Place the bottom of your top strip on the top of your next strip with right sides together. Off set the points by 1/4″ as shown. And sew. (did you notice I had to pice my orange strip) Continue this process through your pile of strips. Press seams. Next fold in half and iron the length of your strip.Then fold your bias binding accordion style and secure with rubber band. Folding it this way verses rolling it keeps it from twisting when you are applying it to your quilt.

For instructions on applying binding and having your beginning and ending match up perfect check out this tutorial.

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  • Jenny says:

    Thanks for this tutorial and the one on joining the binding, superb!

  • Needled Mom says:

    I always love scrappy binding. Like you, I can get excited about changing fabrics as I sew along. Boring life here, I guess!

  • Connie says:

    your scrap binding is very interesting, I never use scrsp binding before. I think this would be pretty for some quilts. Thanks for you comment and you have a great day!

  • Apple Avenue Quilts says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I've always wanted to make a scrappy binding and was not quite sure how to go about it.

  • Lynn says:

    Thank you I've seen some scrappy bindings and although I love them had no idea how to do them. Thanks!

  • *karendianne. says:

    Well now, this is about as cool as it gets! I am serious. I love this. Thanks for sharing your cleverness… (again).

    Big huge hugs of scrappy appreciation, *karendianne.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for that – I was thonking of buying a ready made binding for my last completed top, but I so want to have a little binding bow as in your last pic – inspiring!!!

  • Trisha says:

    I love scrappy bindings. They can add such interest to a quilt. Yours is so cute. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  • Terri says:

    That's so much less complicated than I thought it was! 🙂 Thank you!!

  • jovaliquilts says:

    Wow! I have made many scrappy bindings, but I've always just joined strips together, so each color goes for 8-20" (I usually vary the strip size). One question: With all those seams, don't you often end up with a seam where you want to make your miter? or do you not use mitered corners with this type binding?

  • em's scrapbag says:

    I rearly have that problem. No more than I have it when I do a regular binding. Because they are cut on biase the strips are 6-8 inches in length. So while there may be a few more seams there are not a lot more than the way you do it.

  • deb says:

    I love this, Im a newbie and this is a great idea I will certainly try….thank you!!!!

  • StitchinByTheLake says:

    Thanks for posting this – I've certainly been doing it the hard way! I'll be trying this very soon. blessings, marlene

  • Judy D in WA says:

    I love this! Thank you for sharing. I love scrappy binding but never, ever did I think to do it this way. Fabulous.

  • audreypawdrey says:

    I never would have thought of doing it like this! Thanks for the well laid out tutorial, and I am going to have to try it out soon!

  • Unknown says:

    this is really a fantastic idea!!!!!! thanks dos share.

  • nogysbaby says:

    Love this idea it will be so cute on a baby quilt or a little kids !

  • Loris says:

    Great idea and tutorial! Thank you for sharing it 🙂

  • Tina says:

    I do this all the time, I make charity quilts so no scrap goes wasted! Even the tiny ones and handed on to the embroidery girls and a boy to put into a little shirt, a tree leaf etc! Then when all done they ask for my scrap binding and I give it to them and when finished we all feel proud as the waste is so minimal it it fanstatic!

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