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Scrappy String Finish

My scrappy string quilt is finished in large part to Ruth. My am I ever glad she got her new long arm and is looking for quilts to practice on. She has always been very generous in helping with quilting our groups Quilty Hugs but I’ve tried to only give her one a month. Don’t want to wear her out or take advantage of her generosity. This month however she has taken one every time I’ve gone to baste at the center where we meet. I usually take one of my own and one or two Quilty Hugs. This month Ruth has taken all the quiltly hugs. 

 She did a beautiful all over design and I’m sure this scrappy number will bring lots of comfort. If you’re interested in how I made it you can find a tutorial here.

Linking up with Sarah, Cynthia and Amanda Jean to celebrate.

Dog Days of Summer Collection at Keepsake Quilting


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