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Scraps~ A Journal of Past Quilts

I love my scrap bins.  When I want to relax, refresh, and create I turn to them.  With Christmas just around the corner I’m in need of all three of these, so I’ve been delving into my scrap bins.  Not wanting to start a big project at Christmas I’ve been keeping them small.  Mostly journal covers but I have a few more ideas brewing.

I’d really like to make a few homemade ornaments.  I’ve been perusing pintrest for ideas and hope to find a little time to bring them to fruition.

But for now journals using up my grey scraps (the lid could not contain them all with the leftover bits from this quilt, this one, this one and, this one.) with splashes of color seem to be in order.

It’s been a fun way to try a few ideas I would like to one day make into quilts and to practice quilting.  I was even able to try TOAR in this braid one.  I have a few ideas brewing to put my roll to good use.  Thank you Nedra for introducing me to this product.

Now off to the sewing room to get a few more things done and hopefully find a little time for the ornaments I want to make.


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