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Serendipity with Sizzle

It’s Friday and time a little Whoop Whoop. This Serendipity quilt (pattern here) has been waiting patiently on a hanger for quite a while.  But I really am trying to push things along this year and if not finish things up at least move them a step closer.  I decided I wanted to add ric rac instead of big stitch quilting like I did on this one.  

I really like the movement it creates with the quilt.  I thought of making x’s but was so thrilled with just the wavy effect it had with just the diagonal that I stopped.

I was having so much fun with this I couldn’t stop and decided to sandwich and quilt it.  I quilted organic wavy lines mimicking the ric rac only jumbo style. 

When I first took it out to photo I didn’t realize that I still had my camera on it’s black and white setting.  I had been testing value on a quilt I plan to start soon.  So wish this photo had been in color.  It is straighter than my others. 

 But rather than have it go to waste I will share it along with my tip on testing for value.  If you really want your quilt to pop a good range of value is essential.  A good way to test this is to set your camera on black and white.  Pattern and color will no longer trick your eye and you can get a true test of value.  As long as you have a good range in your grey scale and you are able to spread that through your quilt.  Your quilt will look great!  Hope this little tidbit of info helps you. Don’t forget to visit Sarah and see what others are Whooping about.


  • Purple Pam says:

    Your diagonal rick rack effect is great. I have a lot of jumbo rick rack. I should pull it out and see what I can do with it.

  • Sarah says:

    The quilt is gorgeous. I do so love Ruby by Bonnie and Camille. The ric rac idea is great. It makes it look like you've done some really tricky curve piecing.

  • Karen says:

    Looking at the first picture, it looks like you added many little squares to create that diagonal line. Would have been a lot of stitching to do that. The rickrack idea is a good one.

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