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Sew and Tell Friday- Scrappy Binding finds a home

I missed Amy’s sew and tell last Friday. To make up for it this week I have two sew and tells. First this simple quilt (free pattern here).

Alex’s bug in the background. He got rid of his soccer mom van, actually it died on him. I love that he has a bug, brings back so many good memories for me. Just hearing the sound of the engine makes me smile. I had several friends that had bugs in high school. Now those were some fun times. And when Alex was born we had a little red bug. When we couldn’t get him to sleep at night my dear hubby would drive him around in that bug and it put him to sleep every time. Hopefully this one doesn’t have the same effect.

Anyway back to the quilt. I bond it with the scrappy binding I made here. And quilted stars in the border. Brights and black are a favorite color combo for me. N tells me I should have used a brighter green. For N you can never have to bright a green. His room is neon green if you remember.

I also finished DD’s curtains. We used green jumbo ric rac for the tie backs.

She loves them.

Make sure you check out all the other lovely sew and tell. There are some really talented ladies out there doing some pretty amazing stuff. Also check out the fun stuff at Poppies at Play and A Few of My Favorite Things

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  • *karendianne. says:

    What a fun, happy quilt. Anything with brights and black makes my heart sing and that binding really sets it off nicely doesn't it? Oh yes indeed it does!!! Mmmm, Dig It! The starts in the quilting – can you just get any more talented please? Gee wiz. I mean. 🙂 When I first looked at this quilt, before I read anything, I thought how much I loved the wavy quilting you had. Very nicely done. These colors are perfect – including the green but we all understand where N is coming from. I like the fact that he offers up his opinion, you know, participates and all that. Cool of him.

    Don't let me leave before mentioning how happy and sweet those curtains are. Love how you used the ric rac for the tie backs, too. Very simple, clean and sweeet.

  • Nima says:

    wow…lovely quilt and pretty cushion

  • Leslie says:

    your quilt is so pretty . i love the scrappy binding

  • Michelle says:

    Scrappy quilts are the best because even the simplest patterns are so interesting due to the variety of fabrics. That one is a beauty.

    I can see why your DD loves her curtains. 🙂

  • P. says:

    What great colors in that quilt! I like the brights and black, and the scrappy binding is perfect for it. Your daughter's curtains are so pretty.

  • Dayna says:

    I really like your idea of using black with bright colors!

  • Jocelyn says:

    Such a pretty cheerful quilt!

  • A Spoonful Of Sugar says:

    What pretty curtains – ric rac tie backs are a most inspired choice!! Love the scrap quilt.

  • Carla says:

    What a fun quilt! Thanks for the pattern link.

    I remember the vw's my friends had. You are right, good times!

  • Karen says:

    That is one lovely quilt. The star quilting looks great.

  • hetty says:

    Lovely quilt, Em. And the curtains look fantastic!

  • Vicki @ DottyJane says:

    I love the border quilting! Did you do that on your regular machine? It's a great quilt!

  • Lori says:

    Pretty Quilt! I love the curtians too!

  • ktquilts says:

    Yay!! Great finishes!!



  • Heather says:

    Great projects! Love, love, love scrappy quilts, and your daughter's curtains look so pretty and restful. :o)

  • Myra says:

    One of my high school friends had a bug too. We often would pile in "like clowns do at the circus" to go to McDonalds for lunch. I think we managed 9 at most! lol! Pre seatbelt days…
    Curtains look lovely, and I will have to try out your scrappy binding method one day! 😎

  • Rene' says:

    Love the quilt! It is so colorful and cheery. The VW bug brings back wonderful memories! Thanks for sharing!

  • Mary says:

    Love that quilt, and your star quilting is so cute too!

    The bug story is super sweet! Just love it 🙂

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