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Sew and Tell- PhD

Well I did it. I finally finished this scrappy challenge I started three years ago for Jacquie’s project improv. It was my first wonky outside the box project. I have done others since but this is what started it. I needed some mindless sewing and Jacquie had started her challenge so I dumped my scraps into a laundry basket and started sewing. I love what became of these little scraps. And if feels so good to have another of my PhD’s done for Myra’s challenge. And something to show for Amy’s sew and tell.

It felt so good I put this PhD on the design wall. I was going to do a simple border on this until Sharisuggested a pieced border. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do. I finally decided on Majestic Mountains. A kind of tribute to my ancestors who came from Holland and settled along the Wasatch Front. Hopefully some time soon I can count this as a finish too.

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