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Sew Bee Wonky

I have belonged to the Sew Bee Wonky online bee for several years now.  It’s where the words for my Plan Bquilt came from, and the hearts for my Crazy Love.  These very cute an wonky churn dashes are also from this group.    I’m using made fabric to make them all the same size.  Then I will play with a few sashing ideas. I might have the ladies in the group help me here. As May is my turn to be queen bee again.  

But then again I might come up with another wonky block idea.  I need to do it fast as today is the first of May.  But I didn’t want to ask for my blocks until I was up to date on the ones I needed to make.  So yesterday I made these two blocks.

They were fun to make but I was a little short in the corner of this one so I added a little orange.  I sure hope  Manda likes them.

What your favorite wonky blocks?


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