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I’ve been keeping notes about my soap making in a little notebook. Yesterday I got the urge to play in my scraps and thought it would be fun to make a cover for my soaping journal. You can find the process I used to do this here. It’s really quite simple and with the instructions you can cover any notebook/book. 

 To do the bubbles I used fusible web. Then stitched around them with a dark brown embroidery floss. I find I like dark brown better than black. I have a little trick I use when using fusible web. I poke a hole through the paper and slide a pin between the paper and fabric.

 Then I peel the paper away. I find this keeps me from fraying the edge. Which is what seems to happen if I try to separate the paper from the fabric at the edge.

I’m linking up with Sarah, Cynthia, Myra, and Amanda Jean to celebrate my scrappy soap journal.


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