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The holiday boutique my daughter and I are doing is less than four weeks away. Gradually all the soap I made for it is becoming ready. In case you didn’t know it takes four weeks for my soap to cure. Waiting to be able to use it is soooo hard. I do like to sample my bars before I use them. Here is a little sampler pack of some of the soaps that are ready. There are a few available at my Etsy shop.   

 I was thrilled when I heard Linda loved her sampler pack. She said, “While you are celebrating your little book, I am delighting in my new sampler of soaps. Couldn’t be more pleased. I loved looking at them all nestled in a perfect box – but finally used one and it felt quite luxurious!”  

This week my Mint Mocha soap finished it’s curing. I really like the swirl on the sampler bars. Coffee is very good for your skin. Not only is it an exfoliate, the natural oils in coffee detox your skin, cleanse and help unclog pores.  

 Yesterday we had a Quilty Hug sew in. I was recently asked what a Quilty Hug sew in is. So if you are new to my blog, and this is a mystery, let me clear things up. A Quilty Hug is a quilt made special for someone battling cancer. We give our ‘hugs’ to several foundations. In the spring the lovely Sarah often send ‘hugs’ our way through her Hand2Help. Thank you Sarah and everyone who donates!!! Now that’s cleared up here is a top we finished yesterday. Just needs a border. I’ll have to go hunting through our stash to see what I can find that works.

 We also worked on quilts using these lovely fabrics.

 And a sister quilt with these.

I’ll show them when the tops are done.


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