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Something Old, Something New

There is a beautiful antique quilt that sits on the cedar chest in the guest room in my parent’s guest room.  I admire this quilt every time I visit.  I’ve always known that someday I would recreate this quilt.  

So when my aunt invited me to a winter quilt retreat and one of the classes was this quilt I jumped at it.  Sherriwas the teacher and did a beautiful job.  I told her I would post a picture of the antique quilt so she could see it.  I won’t be down to my parents until June, but my sister was there this weekend and she took this picture for me.  

I knew when I made my own that I wanted it to be modern and masculine.  In my house full of men I should consider the later more often.  Well, I succeeded.  All the men in my life want this quilt.  Alex said it was the Porsche of quilts.  Josh said it was cool ’cause it has the Mitsubishi symbol in it.  Hubby loves the color and design.  I don’t know who will get it.  I’d let them wrestle for it but I’ve already lost one love seat to their wrestling matches.  That’s a story for another day.

For now they will have to wait as it is only a top.  Maybe by the time it is finished they can find a way to share it.


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