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 Do you have a project that just sits.  It’s not because you don’t like it or are tired of it, but for some unknown reason it never makes it to the top of your to do list.  That project for me is this one.  Haven’t come up with a name for it yet.  I love it’s bright colors.  The contrast of the busy prints and solids.

 At first my problem was that I ran out of background fabric.  But luckily I was able to find some online.  I cut out my kites and had good intentions on getting busy with it but it never happened. Since the last time I posted this UFO I’ve only added a row to the top and one to the side.

 (I know that is not how one usually adds rows, but I’m not quite sure how big I’m making this so it’s growing in unusual ways.) I’m finding I just add to the side I like the webs best on.  But mostly I find I’m just spinning my wheels.  Maybe that is what I should call this little creation.


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