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Spring Break Art and Fun

My boys are on spring break right now but because their sister doesn’t have spring break for another two weeks we are doing things close to home.  Yesterday we went to lunch then pulled out the art supplies

 Neil had sketched out a scene on his skateboard.  It is pretty cool.  He’s been wanting to get it painted for quite awhile now.  He got most of the background done last night.  As you can see he is pretty talented.  I’m not bias one bit, being his mother and all.

 I did some mono printing with my gelli plate.  It’s more my speed.  I’m not very good with a brush.  I lack patience despite my mothers efforts to try and teach me when I was younger.

 It was a fun day.  We are looking forward to another session, hopefully sooner rather than later.

For now Anna and Josh in their matching shirts say ‘Hang Loose and Peace Out’

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