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Have you ever noticed that quilts have stages in their lives just like we do. I was noticing this recently when looking around my sewing room at all my works in progress. First there is the fun fabric stage. Like a brand new baby, so cuddly and fun to look at and hold. Then it becomes unruly pieces ready to form into blocks. Not unlike the terrible twos. I say this because it is no secret I dislike this unruly stage.

Then it becomes cute little blocks. Learning to play together so nicely. Don’t you just love the grade school age?

Then those blocks get sewn into neat little rows.That become beautiful tops. That once again give us a bit of trouble as we baste and quilt them. I find myself wrestling with them at this stage of the game, not unlike my teenagers.Then we sew the binding on. I love this stage. It relaxes me. I enjoy seeing my work come to fruition. Just as I am enjoying watching my young adult son find his way in this world.

Then the quilt is finished. A thing of beauty and comfort. I don’t know if we as human ever reach this completed stage. But isn’t it what we aspire for?


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