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Stamp On It Hop

When I saw the Stamp on It Blog Hop on Sew We Quilt I knew I wanted to participate.  I love to receive mail.  I real hand written note or letter though rear is a great treat!  The little stamp in the corner can be an added bonus.  I really like the ones with flowers.  So I made my stamp with a scrappy flower.

I chose a 3 cent stamp because I remember buying them in college when the postage went up and I need them to add to the stamps I had already bought.  That and 3 is my favorite number.  I added ric rac to give it a perforated look from back in the day when they were sold in sheets that were perforated and you tore them off and had to lick them.  Yuck!  I hated the way they tasted.  So glad they are stickers now.  But I like the look so I made my stamp that way.

Now that you know my stamps story make sure you go visit the other bloggers and see what they came up with. 

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