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My parents are expert garage salers.  My brother and sisters and I know if we are looking for something we can enlist our parents in our treasure hunt.  They almost always find what we are looking for.  I had told my parents I was looking for a wooden ladder to use to display quilts.  Lucky me they found one.  It was old and needed a little TLC and it took a while to make it to the top of my to do list.  I’m embarrassed to say that it was more than a year before I got around to it.  But with the redo of the living room I was feeling motivated. I removed all the stickers that were on it.  I sanded it down and removed all the paint drops on it.

 Then I spray painted it.  I started with a lighter aqua.  I was lovin’ it.  But then Hubby said, “Could you pick a more girly color?” (Yes, I could, I could have picked pink) Anna thought I was adding too many different colors of blue in my living room.  She and I but heads on this a lot. Mostly because I feel you can never have enough color.  But to keep the family happy I changed to seaside blue.

I set it up in the living room with some bright happy quilts.  Anna’s friends thought it was darling so I have not had complaints that I added even more color.  I’m loving the splash of life it adds.  I’m linking up with Sarah for a little Whoop Whoop on this long over due finish.

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